Cardiac Sarcoidosis Symptoms Natural Cures Treatments

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This rare inflammatory disease can drastically affect the function of the heart, as well as having the capacity to affect almost any other organ within the body, leads to an abundance of granular groups of cells to form, similar to scar tissue, in various organs of the body.

Some of the more common areas affected are the lungs, lymph nodes, liver, skin and eyes.

It's not that easy to identify and diagnose, because some of the symptoms displayed could also indicate the presence of other different conditions.

One of the methods to confirm diagnosis is a cardiac biopsy.

Cardiac Sarcoidosis Signs:-

(1) In 90% of the cases, it involves lungs in one way or another with various symptoms like coughing, wheezing, chest pain, tightness.

(2) Skin involvement occurs in 205 of sarcoidosis cases with signs like, small raised patches on the face, Erythema Nodosum (red patches on the skin of the legs), Lupus pernio (purplish patches on the skin).

(3) The disease can cause enlarged and very often tender lymph nodes. The affected lymph nodes are the ones in your neck and the chest. Also, the lymph nodes in your chin and armpits can be affected.

Among the symptoms that are not so common but can occur, bear in mind the following:
Vision Problems, Headaches, Liver or spleen enlargement, Eye involvement (burning, itching, and tearing), abnormal heart beat.

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