Chemotherapy Side Effects – During Ovarian Cancer Cures

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(1) Feeling exhausted. Fatigue is a common side effect for ovarian cancer patients, but it doesn't have to keep you in bed. Just don't try to do as much as you used to; ask for and accept help from others. Frequent naps, a healthy diet, and regular exercise can also really boost your energy levels.

(2) Feeling sick to your stomach. Chemotherapy can cause you to feel nauseated and throw up. A number of very effective drugs are available to help control this, so talk to your doctor if you experience nausea. Eating small meals and light foods also can help.

(3) Bowel irregularities. Chemotherapy may cause women with ovarian cancer to have constipation or diarrhea. Diet can play a big role: Keep yours healthy and balanced, and regulate your fiber intake according to your symptoms. Increase your fiber intake if you are constipated; avoid high-fiber foods if you have diarrhea.

(4) Bleeding and anemia. Bleeding and easy bruising are common side effects during chemo, so protect you. Don't use anything or do anything that could cause you to injure yourself- no razors, tampons, or even dental floss. Avoid any activities in which you could get bruised or scraped.

(5) Mouth sores. If you have mouth sores, avoid eating or drinking anything acidic, spicy, or alcoholic. Stick to soft foods, keep your mouth moist with water, and use a lip moisturizer.

You can also rinse your mouth with a salt water or baking soda solution to make mouth sores less painful. Or ask your doctor to prescribe special, soothing mouth rinses to coat or numb the sores to make it easier to eat.

(6) Besides losing hair on your head, you could lose hair elsewhere, including your lashes and brows. Try learning some makeup tips to draw your brows back on. You can cover your head with a wig, a scarf wrap, or a stylish hat

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