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Heartburn is a common feeling of warmth or burning in the chest. This disease is not related with heart. The condition of heartburn arises when acid starts returning towards the alimentary canal, and here acid produces burn.

After taking food this acid enters the stomach through alimentary canal. Experts suggest that those who suffer from heart burn for 2-3 times or greater in a week, may also suffer from acid reflux disease. This problem first starts from the upper-side of the stomach, and moves towards the chest.

Stomach acid is so strong it helps in digesting the food. For protecting the stomach it is covered with mucous layer. The chest pain may result in acid reflux, this may further result in heart diseases.

In other words this disease is also called indigestion. When someone suffers from heart burn along with chest-pain, it causes heart related diseases. The burn reddens the affected area which troubles the patient.

What causes Heartburn?

Heartburn is caused by a weak digestive system. Heartburn makes swallowing difficult and the swelling in the throat creates burping. This type of pain obliterates by itself within 3-4 hours or more. Dyspepsia is a medical term, which informs about the burn in stomach and chest. This mainly causes after taking food.

Some other reasons of heart burn:

- overweight people get pressure on their stomach which causes this disease,
- wearing tight fitting clothes,
- smoking,
- some other medicines,
- Usage of onion, garlic, and much spice in food,
- stress.

The people who suffer from heartburn everyday are prone to get diseases like acid reflux. The basic problem caused by heart burn is pain in stomach while taking food. The patient may also feel the teeth problems, and also feel sometime that something is there in throat. If the pain starts in breastbone, this produces heart related problems, swelling in stomach and ulcer. If the blood is found in vomit, this means there is bleeding taking place in small intestine or alimentary canal. Neglecting this may cause many problems.

Heartburn mainly affect youth more than children. The pregnant ladies also get affected by this disease, it is caused from the pressure applied by baby from inside. Spicy food also produce this type of problems.

For getting unaffected by heartburn:

- take food less than hunger,
- do not take rest within 2-3 hours after taking food,
- after dinner do not take sleep immediately,
- do not wear tight fitting clothes,
- take less food and do not eat fast,
- take a proper way for controlling weight,
- do not smoke or take alcohol,
- take aloe era juice before taking food,
- chew clove after taking food,
- chew leaf of basil,
- use ginger in food,
- take anise after taking food.

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