Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is a liquid lipophilic substance obtained by steam distillation from the leaves and twigs of Australian Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), or from other several tea trees from the myrtle family.

The Active Ingredients Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil it is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. They helps with the causes of acne, colds, flu, herpes or fight and helps with insect bites and the effective control of mites, lice, fleas and ticks. This effect it owes about 100 substances and compounds contained. Terpinene (terpinene-4-ol), and cineole are the main ingredients of this & nbsp;healing mixture. Both substances have anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, desinifizierende and antifungal properties. Therefore it can be used with almost any skin disease.

The Various Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

Bottle of tea tree oil
The oil is a healing factor for both physical and mental disorders. The applications of tea tree oil are very diverse. In skin diseases of all kinds, the distinct mixture acts both wound-healing and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial because it kills bacteria. The affected parts of the body may treated with a few drops directly. In this way, acne and pimples, but also unsightly warts can be effectively combated. Furthermore, the oil also acts as anti-bacterial, fungus body so that can be effectively treated. Tea tree oil is often used in colds and infections. Especially inflammation, which have settled in the neck can be controlled by oral use. Since this is a pure natural product, side effects of physical nature are as good as impossible. In some cases, however, it is possible that the user is allergic to the treatment. Respect, a doctor should be contacted, but they can also arrange a comprehensive skin test prior to the actual application. The skin compatibility is checked. Both the eyes and the mucous membranes should be spared in any easy way of a contact.

Tea tree oil also helps the psyche. In recent years it has also the psychological effect that emanates from the oil, to be scientifically proven. Tea tree oil is strikingly similar in consistency of the plant marjoram. As a result, the drug is also a rejuvenator that acts against both anxiety and boosts self-confidence of the user. To this end, a few drops of the oil to be heated in a fragrance tray so that the aromatic fragrance can spread throughout the room. In addition, the agent is also effective against anxiety and stress states. At this point should be mentioned that the diet for a healthy psyche is of great importance.

Tea Tree Oil In The Cosmetics Industry

A main field of application is from tea tree oil, the cosmetic industry, where many other natural oils. It is to the effect used in both commercial as well as hygiene products, shampoos, creams as well as oral hygiene and acne. By the mixing of different ingredients is a comprehensive mode of action, as it guarantees the pure tea tree oil, nearly impossible. The different products are enriched with only a small proportion of tea tree oil. The further down the tea tree oil is placed in the list of ingredients, the lower is the actual mixture. In most cases only a small percentage is used by the oil, so that the other hand, the active ingredient is inhibited. In that regard, the skin in the treatment of a backlash shows, other ingredients can be considered as the main cause into consideration. Alternatively, consumers should instead use pure tea tree oil, so that the actual healing effect can be achieved.

The Correct Application
Tea tree oil must be applied correctly to the active substance can develop well. Since the recipe is against many diseases, the main cause is bacteria used, the light yellow essential oil is considered a panacea. It is particularly important that the use is controlled in order to guarantee an effective treatment.

Been in business, consumers should make sure that the favored product really does come from the leaves of "Melaleuca alternifolia". Such information can be derived directly from the ingredients. Some of the goods on offer are also offered with the botanical synonym "Melaleuca Aetheroleum". It is important that the tea tree oil is used in its pure form, as additional raw material may limit the effect. Especially organic tea tree oil guarantees a pesticide-free production.

When the oil is a comparatively sensitive medicinal substance. Therefore, the product must be kept protected from the harmful effects of light and air. Otherwise, could reduce the beneficial effect adversely oxygen reaction. By optimal storage is durable to use guaranteed as tea tree oil for many years is preserved across. During the storage time of the agent is however not reduced.

Tea Tree Oil and Animals

Often, treatment of pets with tea tree oil is recommended. This pet owners should always check the compatibility before. Some pets can not absorb the essential oils extensively, so that healing can occur instead of an outright poisoning. Before tea tree oil is therefore used in animals holder should definitely consult with the vet. Doctors and researchers do not recommend that pure tea tree oil is applied during use. Otherwise, it is possible that the healthy skin irritation against struggling with the essential oil. Especially with pimples, it is sometimes difficult to separate the healthy from the infected skin. Here it helps to dilute the tea tree oil with another oil so that on the one hand decreases the concentration, on the other hand the healing effect is not excluded. In general, tea tree oil is mixed with almond oil. Skin irritation may also be prevented in that the concentration of tea tree oil is only gradually increased. Mixing with water, however, is not effective because there is oil in the raw life can not dissolve sufficiently. Accordingly, the actual concentration is not reduced, so that skin irritation or irritation can not be excluded

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