Best Acne Treatment – Healthy Foods is cheaper way

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Who ever heard of a drug company doing research into the effect of eating healthy foods?

Similarly, you will not find many dermatologists prescribing healthy foods as the best acne treatment. In fact, in their training, they were told food does not cause acne and they are under pressure from the drug companies to prescribe their products.

Maybe foods do not cause acne, otherwise we would all have acne outbreaks when we ate certain foods, but if you are predisposed to acne, some foods can aggravate it. There has been enough scientific research in recent years to support this. The causes of acne can be quite complex and there is no one simple cure, but eating some foods and avoiding others could still be the best acne treatment for you.

Food is Cheaper than Pharmaceuticals

It is cheaper to buy good food than it is to continue to buy the lotions, gels and creams prescribed by some health professionals. Food is part of our normal spending - we have to eat - so we are shopping for food on a regular basis.

All we have to do is change some of our purchasing habits. It does not cost any more to buy healthy foods. On the other hand, over the counter acne treatment and prescription drugs are an additional expense. In fact, quite often they are an unnecessary expense.

Acne Treatments Can Become a Habit

Buying and eating food is not a habit we can acquire because we already have it and, of course, we need it. Using over the counter and prescription acne treatments does become a habit because they are designed to treat the symptoms not to cure the cause.

This means you have to keep going back for more of the treatment to try to relieve the symptoms, which will keep returning. This is exactly what the drug companies want and expect - regular, repeat sales.

That is why they are so wealthy. This does not appear to be the best treatment for acne, but the best treatment for the drug companies.

It is a Simple Solution

The foods that can aggravate your acne are refined carbohydrates - things like white flour, white rice, white sugar and foods that contain these. These foods increase you blood sugar level, which causes an insulin surge that creates more hormones, which in turn makes more sebum (oil) and eventually, sets up an acne environment.

That is why it is a simple solution. All you have to do is to change your buying habits to replace white bread with brown or wholegrain; reduce the amount of sugary drinks you buy or the amount you put in your coffee; concentrate more on fresh fruit and vegetables; reduce the amount of fast food and take away.

In other words, make your body healthier so it can deal with your acne in its own way - to cure itself the way Nature intended. In the end this could be the best acne treatment.

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